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Enigma Strikes Again!

Another sick video by Sgt. Enigma. Can’t. Get. Enough.

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BF3 Montage – Full Metal 3 by Threatty

Ok, so it’s been a while since Threatty put together a montage but true to form this one is amazing. So epic. I love the syncing with the music. I recommend watching right to the end cause it gets even more epic after the credits.

Sgt. Enigma strikes again. – Battlefield 3 Video

Just ridiculous. That’s all I can say about this video and this guy. Perhaps he is actually a robot or something… That would make me feel better about myself.

Only in Battlefield 3

Man, if I watch any more of these videos I’m going to buy this game! Poached this video off the official bf3¬†Facebook. The editing is so good and the clips are sweet. I like the clip where the flaming heliciopter bounces over the guy walking across the road. So close!!

Insane BF3 Aggressive Recon Frag Video

Wow, just wow. I had to peal my jaw off the floor from this. Sgt. Enigma is inhuman…